Systems Neuroscience of Psychosis

SyNoPsis is a research project to investigate structural and functional correlates of sensori-motor brain systems involved in psychotic behavior and experience.

Bern Psychopathology Scale

The Bern Psychopathology Scale (BPS) is a clinical rating scale developed to group psychotic symptoms in three domains: language (semantic), affectivity (limbic) & motor-behavior (executive).

Research Overview of the “Systems Neuroscience of Psychosis (SyNoPsis)” – Project

In the Journal of Neuropsychobiology, with focuses on neuroscience, psychopharmacology, and biological psychiatry, a...
By SyNoPsis | 5. January 2018 | BPS, Executive, Language, Limbic, Publication

Welcome to SyNoPsis

Welcome to the Project SyNoPsis    ...
By SyNoPsis | 20. January 2017 | Allgemein

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In the University Hospital of Psychiatry Bern, Switzerland,  research and education are integral parts of the daily work.