Systems Neuroscience of Psychosis

is a research project to investigate structural and functional correlates of sensori-motor brain sytems involved in psychotic behavior and experience.


With current neurobiological empirical knowledge we found evidence for a new description of the schizophrenia symptoms, which is based on the pathophysiology of the brain.

proposes a three-dimensional symptom structure, segregated into the
language, affective, and motor domain


We found that psychotic symptoms can not only be described as categories. They can also be separated into three different symptom dimensions which are related to well-defined brain systems. These dimensions are the language (semantic), affectivity (limbic), and the motor-behavior (executive).


Hallucinations, Formal Thought Disorder & the Language System


Emotions, Delusions & the Limbic System


Motor Function, Non-Verbal Communication & the Motor System

is a collaboration of
researchers and clinicians in the
field of psychiatry and neuroscience

About us

Several working groups and collaborators are working in the SyNoPsis framework to improve current diagnostic and therapeutic instruments for people with symptoms of schizophrenia.