The SyNoPsis Framework

In the Journal of Neuropsychobiology, with focuses on neuroscience, psychopharmacology, and biological psychiatry, a special issue about the SyNoPsis Project was published

This special issue features a summary of the concept of schizophrenic psychoses from our own research (SyNoPsis). For the first time, we argue for a new description of the schizophrenia symptoms, which is based on the pathophysiology of the brain. In addition to the main article, the recently published special issue includes a foreword by the former director of the Bern Neurology, Prof. Hess, as well as comments by leading international schizophrenia researchers.

The Bern Psychopathology Scale

The Bern Psychopathology Scale (BPS) is a clinical rating scale developed to group psychotic symptoms in three domains: language (semantic)affectivity (limbic) motor-behavior (executive).